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IKEA Kitchens, Baths & Furniture Assembly Services

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How Much Is Assembly?

We can supply you with a free quote for your project.  We guarantee our quote for the services described, but prices are (in part) based on complexity of the assembly, value of elements, if installation is needed and our drive time.

How Can I Pay?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards or cash payments.  Online or in person card payments are secure and offered through Square Processing via our company

Do You Offer Pickup/Delivery of IKEA into Tucson?

Yes.  Give us the details of your order and general location for our guaranteed quote.  We also guarantee our delivery time to meet your needs.  If you say 10:00am delivery you will have a 10:00am delivery (within 10-15 min), not a 6-12 hour delivery time window.  

Do Your Offer Discounts?

Our labor quotes, at times, will be discounted if you have ongoing projects.

Do You Assemble Items From Wayfair and/or others?

Yes.  We assemble desks, tables, chairs, sofas, shelving, storage as well as outdoor furnishings.  We install bathroom storage, vanities, closet storage solutions, kitchen cabinets, for both retail and commercial clients.  

Send us the manufacture, item number, quantities and your general location and we can provide you with an exact and guaranteed quote for your project.

How long will it take to assemble and install an item?

Every project is unique.  While some might charge by the hour we will typically quote your IKEA project, and guarantee that quote.  This way you know what your costs are and if we run into issues (with your IKEA project), damaged or missing items, we will see your job through to its completion.

About Us ~ How We Make IKEA = EASY for you.


Over 25 years of service to Arizona

We take care of all the ordering, transportation, assembly and installation for your next IKEA project.  We work as your independent representative to make your IKEA purchases and installation EASY. 


We Pay Close Attention to Detail

We treat every IKEA project as if it is our own, and our only project.   Our goal is to see your IKEA furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, storage or closet projects completed efficiently, timely and of course perfectly!


Be Confident In Your Custom Kitchen

We can assist you with your IKEA design or simply take your completed IKEA design and bring it to life for you.

We can also assist you in finding a great counter top, plumber and electrician if needed within the scope of your project.

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Schedule an Estimate for your IKEA project:

We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until your IKEA project is completed.  For estimates or questions on our services, please contact us at your convenience. 

We are not just kitchen cabinets, so look to us for your IKEA furniture pickup, transportation and assembly too!

We look forward to meeting  all your IKEA needs.

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